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Anti Acne

Anti Acne

Nature's formula to prevent acne and pimples

Daily deep cleansing is a must to prevent acne and pimples and to regulate sebum production. Khadi anti-acne face pack along with khadi Rosewater will help you have that spotless skin.

This khadi anti-acne formula is something you need to experience for yourself - an exotic and effective mix of herbs for that blemish free skin.

Khadi herbal face pack Vetiver

Khadi herbal face pack Vetiver

For Oily and Problem Skin (anti-acne & anti-pimple)


Khadi face pack Lodhra & Ushir will fight excessive sebum production of your skin which can lead to painful, ugly eruptions on your face, neck shoulders and chest. Acne and pimples which are not only painful but cause ugly scars as well as anxiety and depression can be easily tackled with this anti-acne and anti-pimple face pack.

Khadi face pack Lodhra and Ushir has all herbs and oils recommended by Ayurveda to balance the skin so that it is clean and free of toxins which cause acne and pimples.

Khadi face pack Lodhra and Ushir contains Fuller’s Earth, Calamine and Red Lentil powder to absorb the excessive sebum production and to draw out the toxins which cause eruptions.

Zinc Oxide will help the skin heal. Ushir is antiseptic and at the same time helps to balance sebum production.

Nutmeg is anti-inflammatory. Lodhra, Neem and Turmeric are anti-septic and also help to heal and dry wounds.

Calamus is anti-bacterial and will prevent further infection.

Coriander, Sandalwood powder and Camphor will cool and soothe your skin because excessive heat in the body also leads to the eruptions.

Manjistha will remove scars, spots and blemishes.

A hint of Clove will keep you skin infection free.

For an oily skin the most important part is to regulate sebum production and yet not leave the skin dry. The skin must be kept clean at all times. For that rose water is a must. Spray your face regularly with rose water to keep the skin clean, regulate sebum production and maintain the pH balance of the skin.

Khadi face mask Lodhra and Ushir contains no chemicals, preservative or artificial colour.

This product has been certified by BDIH:

BDIH certified

11,50 EUR
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23,00 EUR per 100g

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Khadi Pure Rose Water

Khadi Pure Rose Water

Rose Water is a must for all skin types because what water is to the body, Rose Water is to the skin. Used for centuries to purify the skin, Rose Water deeply penetrates to restore the skin’s pH balance and to tighten pores to give your skin the soft petal touch and texture of rose.

Rose Water has the unique ability to balance sebum production of the skin. If your skin is dry it will moisturize and if oily it will fight excessive oil secretion. Being anti-bacterial it will prevent infections.

Rose Water is an excellent after shave spray to restore all the moisture lost through harsh soaps and shaving lotions.

Rose Water is a must in your daily skin care routine because it clears and improves complexion, prevents aging and gives your skin the best protection nature has to offer.

Rose fragrance calms and soothes the mind and gives you that ultimate feeling of freshness. You should carry Khadi Rose Water with you always and spray your face every few hours to keep your skin fresh.

Rose Water is also a natural cleanser so you can spray your face liberally with it and wipe off with a tissue or cotton to get rid of the grime and dust.

Use khadi Rose Water several times daily and let your skin drink deep of the goodness of the rose extracts. Khadi Rose Water has no alcohol or preservatives and the Rose Water is extracted from rose petals through the distillation process and its repeated use through out the day will let your skin have the best of nature with no harmful or drying effects.

New: Every bottle of khadi Rose Water will be delivered with an additional pump spray for your convenience.


9,90 EUR
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4,71 EUR per 100ml

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Khadi Bath & Body Wash Neem & Grapefruit

Khadi Bath & Body Wash Neem & Grapefruit

All Skin Types

•    Cleanses & prevents breakouts

•    Clears congested skin

•    Purifies & cools inflammation

•    Tones & refreshes

Aroma of Grapefruit relieves stress

7,90 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl.

3,76 EUR per 100ml

Shipping time: 1-3 Days | Gewicht: 0.24 kg

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