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Sensual Beauty with Tradition

Ayurvedic Formula for Pure Gentle Eye Care

Women have been using Kajals as a natural eye care cosmetic for thousands of years.

"Kajal" is the Indian word for the soot (carbon) traditionally obtained by burning ghee (Ayurvedic clarified butter) to enhance its therapeutic and eye-protecting properties.

What was treasured by the ancient Egyptians is preserved here in its purest form: Lakshmi® AYURVEDIC BEAUTY produces this carbon by keeping with ayurvedic tradition from pure demeter-Ghee.

In addition to demeter-Ghee, vegetable oils, beeswax and carbon obtained from demeter-Ghee soothe tired and irritated eyes and give them a lustrous shine. Ayurvedic Kajals from Lakshmi® AYURVEDIC BEAUTY contain absolutely no preservatives and the organic quality of the ingredients is regularly controlled by recognized laboratories.

These smooth cone-shaped Kajals are gentle to apply and ideal for the sensitive inner rim of the eyes. Placing the tip sideways and rotating it during application ensure that the colour is applied evenly and that the Kajal retains its shape. This technique makes the Kajals very economical in use. An applicator or brush can then be used for the lower, broader base of the Kajal.

Certain Kajals bear the description “Cold”, a term which reflects their pleasantly cooling camphor content. Purified natural camphor has antibacterial properties and helps prevent inflammation. Its astringent properties also help rid the eyes of unsightly red capillaries, leaving them clear and bright.

Look for your personal kohl:

Kajals von Lakshmi bei Khadi Naturprodukte aus Indien Black Khol Kajals

It has been said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But they are also a reflection of our environment. Pollution, air conditioning, computer screens and contact lenses cause strain and irritation to our eyes every day. Lakshmi® Kajals bind irritating pollen, dust and other particles, allowing them to be washed out by tears. At the same time, the dark colour imparted by the carbon provides protection against excessively strong light.


Synthetic brush, flat-round, especially designed for lakshmi Kajals



Available as Colour Kajal (with 0.5% camphor) and Colour Kajal Cold (2.6-2.8 % camphor). Choose an enchanting look for your soothing eye make-up with diverse nuances of blue, brown and green, shimmering rainbow colours and extravagant modern trend shades.


These alternative Kajal's were developed as colourless sticks for men and women who prefer not to paint themselves black!