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About our Khadi Products

From the most ancient teachings of Ayurveda or ' the knowledge of life ' which treats well being and health as an interlocking whole of body, mind and soul, we have for you Khadi - a range of products based on its ageless principles.

Thousands of years ago India’s great sages compiled together hundreds of herbs and their combinations along with oils that heal and rejuvenate.

Ayurveda is a way of life and a daily ritual of cleansing and purifying the body with herbs and oils is the only way to keep the body beautiful. All our products are based on this tradition –the oldest in the world- which restores to the body vitality and youth.

Merging this most ancient knowledge of herbs and oils with the movement called Khadi has led to this range of products.

Our products too reflect that sentiment of going back to a heritage and tradition which is pure, handmade and which incorporates the best from the most ancient teachings in the world.

Khadi is a unique brand for the European market and only exclusively available with us at http://www.indien-produkte.de and we are open to collaboration and expansion.

We are in the final stages of developing and creating exclusive and new products and our aim is BDIH certificates for all our products.

In fact our hair, body oils and face packs are completely natural with no chemicals or preservatives whatsoever.

Our products are not tested on animals. Herbs are collected in the most traditional way by local inhabitants from the wild, following the policy of Khadi of rural employment without harming nature in anyway.

We follow the following guidelines strictly:

No testing on animals of products or ingredients
No mineral oils
No synthetic or artificial colours
Oils are organic
Herbs are handpicked from the wilderness by local inhabitants of the area
Packaging is kept to a basic minimum
No child labour is involved
We practice fair trade with our producer and manufacturer

Our product follows the principle of only Ayurveda – the unlimited storehouse of knowledge on herbs and oils in the age old tradition of India.

Our online shop is constantly evolving and we are adding new products as we continue to develop them following strict guidelines. Each product is scrutinized regularly and new research and knowledge is constantly used to improve them.

We source our products directly from the manufacturer with whom we are in constant touch. Each product is checked before delivery from source.

We are working towards our aim of acquiring BDIH certification - http://www.kontrollierte-naturkosmetik.de/en/ - for all our products so that we can get the seal of authentic natural products without any chemicals.

So go ahead and select the best that Khadi can offer at the most reasonable prices.